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Think. Talk. Make.

Feminist Think Tank

Think. Talk. Make.

The Feminist Think Tank (FTT), led by directors Dr. Shana MacDonald (Associate Professor, Communication Arts) and Dr. Brianna Wiens (Assistant Professor, English Language & Literature), advances research on intersectional feminist design, digital culture, and networked activism by creating space for interdisciplinary crossovers and idea-sharing. Through its commitment to intervening into white supremacy, misogyny, and queer and transphobia, FTT has provided students and researchers with opportunities to advance their knowledge through participating in critical reading groups, brainstorming sessions, research review, data jams, and research-creation opportunities. Student graduate researchers have learned to integrate complex foundational theories from disciplines such as film studies, gender studies, communication studies, rhetorical theory, feminist theory, and critical race studies. Together, we talk, think, and make.

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